General Motors Follows Ford and Honda by Pulling SEMA 2022 Exhibit

Chevrolet Camaro at SEMA Show
TGR Staff - 05/19/2022

In Facebook Post, Cris Payne of Truck Gurus shared that General Motors (GM) has also decided to pull out of the 2022 SEMA show following the lead of Ford and Honda who we reported on pulled out last month

"SEMA can confirm that GM recently decided that they will not be attending the show and have been pulled from the live floor plan. SEMA is currently determining how that space on the floor plan will evolve and provide the best value for our attendees." Cris Payne - Truck Gurus

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Initially, GM had announced they would be moving into Ford's iconic spot in the central hall, but today the SEMA show website shows the space marked simply as "SEMA." GM also no longer shows up on the list of exhibitors. Ford, Honda, and GM all took up major square footage in Central Hall with Toyota/Lexus moving into GM's original location. With the loss of three major exhibitors and the new addition of West Hall, SEMA has a lot of space to fill. 

GM has yet to issue an official statement but we have reached out for comment and will update this story once we have more. 

SEMA Show Floor Plan