How To Use Your Car To Make Cash


TGR Staff - 05/04/2022

If you own a car, lease a car, or are thinking of buying a car, then it is great to know that they offer very simple ways to make cash. Whether you need more money to pay your bills or want to use the extra cash to start up a business, it is good to know that there are guaranteed ways to earn some extra cash by using your car. 

From delivery driving to using your car to gain access to loans, here are the many ways that you can utilize your car to earn some cash. 

Get a title loan

Using your car you can gain access to loans and extra cash. To use your car for the extra cash you simply need to fill out an application form for title loans so that you can attain access to cash faster. 

You won’t have to worry about a credit check or worry that your finances won’t allow you to attain access to a loan. Instead, you can use your ownership of a vehicle to gain access to the cash that you need to pay those bills or start up your own business. 

Deliver food

An obvious way to earn some extra money by using your car is to deliver food. With there being increasing numbers of restaurants that are offering takeaway options, then it is a great time to get involved. 

Whether or not you have spare time in the evenings or at the weekends, you can use your time and your car to help out restaurants and earn yourself some extra money. 

Some companies might even offer to pay for your fuel costs, which will increase your profits and help you attain even more profit.

Rent out your car to others

If you do not use your car for work or during the weekend, then you can allow others to pay to rent it while you are not using it. This way, you will be able to make more use of your car and earn yourself some extra cash. 

To boost the interest in your car, you could advertise online and draw in more customers. You might draw in locals that want to hire a car for convenience. Or, you might own a unique car that others would love to have the chance to drive. 

Advertise on your car

Another effective way to turn your car into a money-making machine is through the use of advertisements. Many companies enjoy promoting their business through car advertising, especially those businesses that are local. 

Hence, you could offer your services and start to jazz up your car all while making money.

Deliver packages

Should delivering food not be your preference or convenient for your timings, then you could use the spare time that you do have to deliver packages. 

If you become a dropshipper, you will essentially help businesses sort, manage, and deliver their packages. You will need to store the packages in your home, or even if your car if it is safe, and then use your car to deliver packages and earn money. 

Drive people around

Another effective method to use your car to make money is to become a taxi service. You could offer your assistance to people you know or, advertise / sign-up for a local taxi company so that you can start to use your free time and car to drive people around for an extra income. 

You don’t have to use all of your time to be a taxi service. You can sign up to offer your services part-time or as and when you are free. It is just a simple way to utilize your car and free time anytime you wish to earn some extra money. 


To use your car as a taxi service but maximize the journey, you could offer your car as a carpooling service. The most effective way to do this is to find groups of customers going in the same direction instead of just one. This means that you will drive a group of people to the same destination (or at least in the same direction) to minimize the journey time and fuel usage. 

Doing so will help you maximize your time and your profits. 

Help people move

Using your spare time to help move home is also a great way to earn yourself some extra cash. The only tricky thing with this is that you will need to be free for the customer's time, as opposed to your own spare time. If it aligns with your spare time, then you will be in luck. 

Whether you know the people or find customers through advertisement, you can use your vehicle to help people relocate their belongings. It can often be more beneficial for those who have large cars so that they can fit and store more stuff inside. Otherwise, you might have to take many trips and use up a lot of fuel, which might hinder your profits. 

Be someone’s shopper

If you know people that need help with their shopping because they are immobile or simply don’t have the time, then you could put your time and car to good use and help them. 

You can take their shopping lists, do their shopping (or even pick up a pre-prepared shipment), and deliver it to their home. It is essentially being a delivery driver but also helping people get their weekly shopping. 

These job opportunities are open to anyone that has a car and some spare time. The great thing about using your time and your car to earn extra cash is that you can control when you have the time to earn some extra money. For instance, you might be too busy one week and then have lots of free time the next. Hence, you can use this spare time to help businesses deliver their packages or be a part-time taxi driver. These ideas are simple yet effective in helping you use your car to earn extra cash.