90 Years of Auto Union Celebrated In Unique Sculpture

Etrick Art and the Auto Union Tribute sculpture

TGR Staff - 06/30/2022

Etrick Art has released its first sculptures as part of the new Reflects series with the limited-edition tribute to Auto Union coinciding with the 90th anniversary of the formation of Auto Union AG on June 29, 2022.

By merging the resources of, Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer in 1932, Auto Union was able to bring together highly talented and determined individuals to develop outstanding race cars. While Michael Etrick was contracted in Germany as an automotive design clay sculptor, the historic nature of these racers, along with the bold designs, caught his attention. The formation of Etrick Art and his current artworks are a direct result of this preliminary encounter.

Michael was astonished that by the mid-1930s, those streamlined, Grand Prix powerhouses proved to be a high-water mark in performance, winning race after race. Michael points out, “I was working at Audi, and I’ve seen all the classic race cars and models in person. If you’re going to start with Auto Union and the coolest thing the company did including Ferdinand Porsche’s involvement - the whole build-up of it, and if you are going to do an iconic vehicle related to Audi, the 1936 Auto Union Type C would be the one!”

Etrick Art and the Auto Union Tribute sculpture

The solid, polished aluminum Auto Union Tribute sculptures are idealized, organic forms inspired by the Type C race cars from a bygone era adding beauty and excitement to any décor. Yet, being an auto enthusiast isn’t necessary to fully appreciate the Etrick Art pieces. Additionally, the mirror-finish of the material coupled with flowing forms masterfully reflect light, hence the name of this series. The sculptures are currently available in two sizes, the impressively larger piece weighs in at over 300-pounds.

Along with the unveiling of these new sculptures, the Etrick Art website comes alive at https://etrickart.com. The site covers all aspects of the development process, history, products, images, and availability. Beyond the featured sculptures and prints, bespoke artwork can be commissioned, as well.

Etrick Art and the Auto Union Tribute sculpture

Typically, the automotive design studios’ internal projects, along with those that stream outside their facilities, are indeed a team effort. However, this recent endeavor is personal. Michael combines his traditional clay modeling capabilities along with modern technologies, where the end result does not have a designed-by-committee look or feel. The initial sculptures in the Reflects series pose a hint of concept car-like vision while also being race car relatable. Practicality and