First Drive: Mercedes-Benz S580

First Drive: Mercedes-Benz S580 rear shot
by Michael Satterfield - 06/14/2022

The S-Class has long been the gold standard of luxury sedans, rivaling cars that have double the MSRP, but the one thing it does lack is presence. Now that might be a feature if you would prefer to fly under the radar, but many buyers who are spending over $100,000 for a sedana, they expect their vehicle to make more of a statement.  

Estitally the S-Class has always been a platform for the latest and greatest in Mercedes-Benz technology, it has long been a saying in the automotive industry that "where the S-Class is today, is where other cars hope to be in a decade." The refinement, luxury, power, and technology are second to none, with 496 horsepower in the S580 this big sedan has plenty of get-up and go. With the weight that comes with a car of this size, you will be shocked at how nimble the handling is, not only is it perfect for eating up highway miles, but it is also surprisingly capable on winding roads. With the E-Active Body Control, Mercedes' latest active suspension system, each corner of the car's suspension automatically adjusts to provide the best ride and handling possible. 

Mercedes-Benz S580 Interior

Inside the S580 is a symphony of luxury and technology, the dash is almost entirely digital with an oversized center touchscreen and a digital gauge cluster that can be toggled through several different display modes from a more traditional to a dynamic 3D effect. While the massaging seats, incredible sound system, and opulent interior are impressive, the adjustable LED ambient lighting was by far the most popular tech gadget that passengers enjoyed playing with. What was most exciting about the technology in the S-Class is, that unlike many of its rivals, it is intuitive and easy to use. The placement of controls and buttons is where you expect them to be, and I never had to pull over to try to figure out how to use a feature. 

Mercedes-Benz S580 side profile

The S-Class goes head to head with the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Genesis G90, Lexus LS, and Porsche Panamera, but we have to remember that the S-Class created this class and is still the standard-bearer for a reason. The new all-electric EOS might represent the future of where the brand is going, but the S580 represents where the brand has been and is a fitting flagship for 2022.

Mercedes-Benz S580 front