The 2022 U.S. Auto Tech National Championship Is Underway

The 2022 U.S. Auto Tech National Championship Is Underway

by Michael Satterfield - 06/09/2022

Last year I had the chance to attend the inaugural U.S. Auto Tech National Championship (USATNC) as part of the IDEAL Elite Trades Championship Series, in Nashville, Tennessee. Techs from across the country who qualified gathered to compete for a $40,000 grand prize and the chance to be named the top Auto Technician in the USA. 

The 2022 U.S. Auto Tech National Championship contestant works on Chevy engine

A specially built arena hosted the competitors as they faced round after round of challenges, everything from diagnosing and repairing an electric system to replacing universal joints on a driveshaft. With each round, the winners would move one step closer to the final contest. Being there was like attending a major sporting event, complete with grandstands, a fan zone, large screens, and a full film crew capturing the entire competition for television. But instead of athletes, the stars of this event were the men and women of the trades. Be sure to head over to watch my YouTube recap video from last year HERE.

Competitions like the USATNC are shifting the perception of what it means to be an auto technician, highlighting that the trades are more than just a great way to make a living, but a skillset that deserves to be celebrated with diverse opportunities in everything from motorsports to electric vehicles.

Professional level contestant works on Chevy small block

The USATNC is currently touring the US looking for automotive techs to compete in both the pro and student classes of the event. Auto Techs who win a regional qualifying competition will advance to the Round of 32 for their chance to make it to the finals this October in Tampa, Florida. You can visit to register and see when the qualifying tour will be in a city near you.

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