The Vehicles of Shot Show

The Vehicles of Shot Show

by Michael Satterfield - 01/24/2023

Each year in Las Vegas the firearms industry hosts its largest trade show in the USA, Shot Show, a week that of course starts off at the range where journalists and shooting sports celebrities can test the latest and greatest from the leading firearms manufacturers in the world. But while the guns might be the draw the show is also where the industry highlights all of its new products from tactical spears (yeah that's a real thing) to fully armored vehicles, many of which are available to the general public. From light weapons platforms to armored personal carriers here are all the coolest rides from Shot Show 2023. 

UTV with Machine gun mount

Several companies including Polaris, Tomcar, Can-Am, and many others had various military spec UTVs on display, some outfitted for search and rescue, others like this one above designed for special forces rapid assault teams. 

Electric Military Cart

Bet you didn't know that Hendrick Motorsports has a military division that has been developing all kinds of unique tools for first responders, including this electric cart called the STEED which stands for Silent Tactica Energy Enhanced Dismount, that is designed to increase mobility for infantry units. Not only can it be used to help move equipment or extract wounded, but it can also be set up as a weapons platform.

Plan B APC

Plan B Trucks of Utah will sell you a street-legal Armored Personel Carrier (ACP) that can seat up to eight and is resistant to roadside bombs. Plus since it is based on a Ford platform you can service it at your local dealer. The roof-mounted armored machine gun turret is optional but the 50 caliber machine gun is not included. 

Swarovski Optik Land Rover Defender

When most people hear the name Swarovski they think of the world-famous crystal figurines, but the brand has a long tradition of outdoor optics under the Swarovski Optik line and for their display, they had this nicely customized Land Rover Defender. 

Ford rangeer with mini gun mounted in bed

The Ford Ranger isn't known for packing a punch, but if you ever wanted an anti-aircraft weapons system mounted in the back of your light pickup truck, more than one company at Shot Show can help you make that dream come true. 

John Wick Mustang at Shot Show

One of the coolest cars at Shot Show was what was left of the 1969 Ford Mustang that was featured in John Wick. While it isn't all that pretty now the movie car was drawing crowds who lined up to have their photo taken in sitting in the classic Mustang.

Electric UTV Shot Show

Another electric off-road option was the LyteHorse which is a cross between a traditional ATV and a Segway, the rider stands up and can go around 40 miles, however, the company has trailers that not only offer additional utility but also carry batteries for extended range. 

Hummer H1

Several companies had standard Humvees on display, but this one with the massive gun hanging out the back was especially cool.

Hummer Plan B

Another vehicle from Plan B Trucks is also based on the Hummer H1, fitted with a new drivetrain, custom interior, and various levels of armor, the wildest version is called the Ricochet which gets a full armor package, roof-mounted turret, and even armored window shields for the most extreme conditions.