INEOS Announces US Dealer Network

INEOS Grenadier

TGR Staff - 09/28/2023

INEOS has announced its first group of US dealers, who will deliver more than 7,000 orders for the INEOS Grenadier due to start in late 2023. The Grenadier is priced from US$71,500 for the base model, but for those who don't want to do any of their own upgrades two pre-configured packages are available the Trialmaster and Fieldmaster Belstaff editions which start at US$79,190.

INEOS US Dealer Map

The selected retailers are:


  • Sierra INEOS Grenadier, Irvine
  • Rusnak INEOS Grenadier, Pasadena
  • Mossy INEOS Grenadier, National City
  • Kuhn INEOS Grenadier, Redwood City


  • Red Noland INEOS Grenadier, Colorado Springs


  • Holman INEOS Grenadier, Fort Lauderdale
  • Crown INEOS Grenadier, St. Petersburg


  • Regal INEOS Grenadier, Roswell


  • Lyle Pearson INEOS Grenadier, Boise


  • Knauz INEOS Grenadier, Lake Bluff


  • Ko INEOS Grenadier, Framingham

North Carolina: 

  • Triad INEOS Grenadier, High Point


  • RTGT INEOS Grenadier, Wilsonville


  • RDS INEOS Grenadier, Devon


  • Mossy INEOS Grenadier, Houston
  • Sewell INEOS Grenadier, Plano


  • Warner INEOS Grenadier, West Valley


  • Elliott Bay INEOS Grenadier, Seattle 
Greg Clark, Executive Vice President of the Americas for INEOS Automotive, said, “We spent a long time selecting an exceptional team of experienced dealers to guide the Grenadier station wagons home for our customers. In conjunction with these dealer partners, we are committed to providing first-class sales and service. We continue to work tirelessly with them to prepare for deliveries to start in the coming months and to ensure our customers enjoy their journey with us over the long term.”