Style: The Banana Republic Flight Suit

Style: The Banana Republic Flight Suit

by Michael Satterfield - Photos by Lucas Kepner - 09/26/2023

This past Sunday, I hosted a group of the Distinguished Gentleman's Drive, it was the first time this event has ever been hosted in the Brazos Valley, and we had some very unique cars gather at The Stella Hotel before taking a winding route through the backroads to Chapelton Vineyards where we would have a wine pairing lunch and a tour of the vineyard's winemaking process. 

But I will have a story recapping the drive later, this story is about menswear and one of my favorite new pieces the Banana Republic Explorer Flight Suit, which is now sold out but can be found on eBay and several other resale sites still for around $100. Even though all the versions of the Banana Republic Heritage and Explorer flight suits sold out, you don't ever really see anyone wearing them. But for the right occasion, the flight suit is one of the most fun garments you can pull out of your wardrobe. 

Banana Republic Explorer Flight Suit with custom Chain Stitching

The Gentlemen's Drive was the perfect opportunity to wear the flight suit, and show off the custom chain stitching that was done by a local artist Ashley Morehead featuring The Gentleman Racer emblazoned in red on the back and Mike on the front chest. I think most guys like the idea of wearing a jumpsuit, but it certainly does make you stand out even at an event like the Gentleman's Drive, with the right styling it can be a lot of fun, so don't be afraid of the jumpsuit. 

Banana Republic Explorer Flight Suit Styled by Michael Satterfield of The Gentleman Racer

How I styled it: 

Banana Republic Heritage Explorer Flight Suit styled by Michael Satterfield of The Gentleman Racer leaning against a MG Midget