Roku Ultra

I am on the road a lot, be it working on a story for the blog, attending trade shows, or just off on one of my adventures, so I spend a lot of nights in hotels. While most modern hotels have upgraded their TV's many still have limited channels or expensive pay-per-view options. That is why I started packing the Roku Ultra. It's compact, easy to set up, and connects me to my favorite programs.

The Roku Ultra has access to more TV shows and movies in 4K and HDR then just about anything on the market, meaning you get better quality programming wherever you are. It includes a remote and headphone which come in handy if you don't want to wake up your bunkmate. With access to all of the top streaming apps on the market, I can watch my favorite shows, movies, and YouTubers on the hotel's TV while I still work on my laptop.

Roku Ultra Remote

The Roku Ultra is compact but offers a lot of great features, like search via voice, lost remote finder, point anywhere remote, and a USB port which allows playback of video files. Roku also offers more apps and better search options than the competition I have tried. The compact size means I can toss it in one of the pouches on my camera bag and never miss my favorite shows or be stuck watching the local news in the middle of nowhere.

The Roku Ultra retails for $129, you can order one or find a retailer near you HERE.

*This is not a paid promotion, Roku did send me a Roku Ultra to test under no obligation and the opinions expressed are my own.