Complete List of Kit Car Manufacturers

Complete list of kit car manufacturers
TGR Staff - Updated on 08/15/2023

To some in the automotive community, kit cars are controversial, but for others, they represent a chance to drive their dream car...or at least something close to it. With so many of our favorite fiberglass replica car makers closing up shop, we felt it would be helpful to keep an updated list of the kit cars you can still buy today! 

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Aston Martin DBR1 Replica

A S Motorsport Limited

United Kingdom

Manufactures of the ASM DBR1 & DBR2 reproductions of the 1959 Aston Martin Le Mans winning legend. 

ACME Dune Buggy

ACME Car Company

United States

Makers of classic VW-based Dune Buggies are also builders and retailers of other VW-based kit cars.

Aero 3S T-Rex



AERO 3S makes body packages for the T-Rex Trike, if you are looking for different, this is it.

Aldino Car Company

Aldino Car Company

United States

Aldino offers a Ferrari-inspired kit car based on the 1984-1988 Pontiac Fiero.

Allard Motor Works


Allard Motor Works offers a modern handcrafted version of the classic British roadster that is so accurate it is accepted by the Allard Owner Club. 


United States

Offering an aluminum-bodied version of the classic Porsche Spyder and custom metalwork and restoration. 

Midas Gold Kit Car

Alternative Cars

United Kingdom

The producer of the original Midas Car brand, Alternative still produces a number of kits based on the classic Mini Cooper, Rover, and MG cars. 

MG TG Replica

Alternative Cars International 

New Zealand

MX5-based replica of the classic MG TG Sports car. 

American Gasser Kit Car

American Gasser

United States

Replica of classic Willys Gasser and Pro Street Cars offering kits to complete turnkey cars. 

Replica 1933 Ford Roadster

American Speed Company 

United States

Makers of all steel hot rod bodies based on the 1933 Ford Roadster. 

Hot Rod Replica

American Street Rods

United States

Manufactures fiberglass bodies of 1932 and 1937 Ford Roadsters & Coupes, and 1941 Willys Coupe. 

Antique and Collectible Autos Inc.

Antique and Collectible Autos 

United States

Makers of kits of classic American cars including the 32 Ford, 41 Willys, 35 Chevrolet Coupe, 33 Ford Coupe, 49/50 Mercury, 34 Ford Coupe, 41 Willys Pickup, 37 Ford Convertible, 57 Corvette, Shelby Cobra, 35 and 33 Willys. 

Arma 1 1 Kit Car

ARMA Automotive 


Makers of Arma 1 1 a two-seat mid-engine sports car that uses a custom tube chassis and fiberglass body. The prototype is powered by a Chevrolet LS small block and six-speed Porsche Transaxle, however, the Arma 1 1 can accommodate a number of different powertrains. 

Autotune Airoscat

Autotune Limited

United Kingdom

Manufacturer of classic Jaguar, Elva, and Mclaren replica cars including vintage Can-Am racers. In addition to the reproduction car, Autotune offers full-service vintage race support and restoration of historic racing cars.

B Rod or Custom

United States

Manufacturer of officially licensed 1963-1967 Chevrolet Corvette replacement bodies as well as a fiberglass hot rod kit car known as the Tomcat.

Backdraft Racing Cobra Coupe

Backdraft Racing

United States

Makers of the RT4 and RT8 Cobra Replica cars Backdraft Racing has a handy configurator that allows you to build out your kit online, all cars are turnkey minus the drivetrain. 

Burton Sports Cars

Burton Car Company

The Netherlands

Since 1978 Burton Car Company has been producing unique sporting cars like the Citrone 2CV-based BV. They offer several versions of the kit as well as turnkey and reconditioned second-hand Burtons on the company site.

Chevrolet Cheetah by Bill Thomas

Cheetah Continuation Collectible Distributors 

United States

The only licensed manufacturer of the Bill Thomas Cheetah sold as a continuation car, not a replica these are built as authentic to the originals as possible. 

California Custom Roadsters

United States

CCR offers complete kits to build the classic T-Bucket Roadster. Since each hot rod is different they don't have a complete kit, but they do have everything you need to build a roadster from scratch.


Calspyder by Renucci Ferrari Replica Car

CalSpyder by Renucci

United States

Makers of the Ferrari-inspired turnkey CalSpyder, powered by a Ford or Chevrolet V8 or a Jaguar V12. Built on an in-house tube chassis with a fiberglass body. 

Retro Corvette Replica Kit

Chattanooga Rod Design

United States

Retro conversion kits to give the C5 Corvette a classic style based on the 1967 Corvette.

Lomax Sports Car

United Kingdom

The maker of the Lomax 223, 224, and Supertourer 2CV based three and four-wheel sports cars, the company does still offer complete kits, however, expect it to take a while the company is the part-time retirement project.

Buy a Batmobile Replica

CY Productions

United States

Clint Young has been building Batmobiles for decades and is the man Hollywood turns to when they need a call back to the original ride of the Batman. Sold as a kit or turnkey.

DAX 427 Cobra Replica

United Kingdom

Marker of the DAX 427 and DAX Coupe, replicas of the classic Shelby 427 and Daytona Coupe. Sold as rolling chassis or turnkey cars. 

Barchetta 3500

United States

Each Barchetta 3500 is built from scratch, and just seven have been built over the last 20+ years. They are still available as turnkey custom sports cars powered by a 3.5-liter V8 and inspired by the classic Italian sports cars of the 1960s.

DDR Motorsports Kit Car

United States

DDR manufactures built it yourself supercar inspired kits based on donor cars like the C5 Corvette, Chevrolet Impala, or Toyota MR2. Kits are affordable and offer exotic styling.

DF Goblin Kit Car

DF Kit Car

United States

Makers of build-it-yourself exoskeleton style sports and off-road Goblin. Complete kits arrive ready for donor Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5 drivetrain to be installed. They offer a number of kit options for both automatic and manual as well as performance upgrades.

DJC Sportscars V-Storm WR3

DJC Sportscars

United Kingdom

Offering the V-Storm WR3 Sports Car, an exoskeleton sports racer powered by a Subaru Turbo flat-four engine the WR3 is sure to thrill and you can still take two friends along.

Dakar Kit Car

Dakar Cars Limited

United Kingdom

Based on Range Rover chassis and drivetrain, Dakar offers a unique off-road adventure kit or pickup truck that transforms an older Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover into a Dakar.

Deco Rides

United States

Turnkey Lincoln Zephyr, Auburn Boattail Speedsters, Maharaja Duesenberg, Foogati, and the Figoni & Falaschi Type 165 and other Deco-Era cars. Custom-built to order cars in fiberglass or aluminum. 

Maserati Birdcage Kit Car

United States

Classic kit car based on the iconic Maserati Birdcage, the Dio Tipo is based on a tube chassis or classic Triumph and is eligible for most vintage racing series. The company also makes an S-10/Chevy Blazer-based hot rod conversion kit.

Dove Racing Exo Racer Kit Car

United States

The US representative for Exo Sports Cars, the company offers both three and four-wheel exoskeleton sports cars using Ford and Yamaha drivetrains. 

Dutton Amphibious Cars

United Kingdom

The maker of 2WD and 4WD Amphibious kits based on a Suzuki Samurai or Ford Fiesta. Dutton has been around for over two decades and does export kits globally. 

United States

Manufacturer of retro rebodies for 1989-1997 Ford Thunderbirds/Mercury Cougar and 1993-2002 Chevrolet Camero/Pontiac Firebird. The fiberglass kits are designed to replace existing sheet metal with little work required to fit them.

United States

Perhaps most known for the Shelby Cobra and Daytona Coupe kit cars, Factory five also offers high-performance Hot Rod kits, their GTM Supercar (shown), and their 818 series of sports cars. Sold as  

DIY Race Car

United States

Distributor and builder of the MNS VortX Sports Car offered with a Lotus & Style body or a Sports Racer style body using an MX5 donor car. 

Street Legal Formula 1 Kit Car

United Kingdom

The maker of street-legal Formula 1 inspired kit cars, sold as self-build kits or turnkey track day or road cars. Powered by a Toyota 1.6 DOHC engine or a Kawasaki ZZR1400. 

Gardner Douglas Sportscars

United Kingdom

Gardener Douglas makes a selection of sports and racing cars inspired by Lola and Shelby Cobra. Most of their models are offered in self-build kits, but complete turnkey cars are also available. 

Gordan Roadster

Czech Republic

The maker of the Ford Powered Gordon Roadster a Morgan-inspired neo-classic.


Built for the Australian market to comply with all the Australian design and safety regulations. It has also been modernized and refined beyond most other GT40 replicas. 

United States

Hillbank is one of the largest retailers of Superforamnce and Caterham cars in the US. Known mostly for their Shelby and Ford GT40 replicas the company also offers Caterham 7 and Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. While cars are sold as turnkey, you can special order to your own specifications. 

Hurricane Motorsports Cobra

United States

Hurricane offers a range of kit options for the home builder looking for a classic 427 Cobra kit that is complete and ready to build without requiring a donor vehicle. 



Classic Porsche 356 kits and turnkey cars, offering several options including modern and electric drivetrains. 

Porsche Speedster Kit Car

United States

Porsche Speedster, 356 Coupe, offered in original style or customized. Kits are sold as unpainted or in several different stages of completion. Perfect for the home builder as the classic Speedster uses a standard VW pan.

Audi Pikes Peak


Manufacturer of Pikes Peak II, an Audi-inspired rally car, to be offered as a kit and complete competition and street cars. 

Kirkham Motorsports

United States

The premier Cobra and Daytona Coupe maker in the US, known for their highly polished hand-made aluminum bodies. Kirkhams are all special orders and offer both authentic period-correct cars and updated improved versions. 

Lil Big Rig

United States

For those who have always wanted to drive a Big Rig, but still want to be able to park in a normal parking space Lil Big Rig is the answer. The company offers kits to go on a 88-98 Ford, 73-87 Chevrolet, or 94-03 Dodge full-size pickup truck.

United Kingdom

Marlin has been producing sports cars for over forty years, their popular Sportster and EXi are both offered as turnkey or as self-built kits. Based on BMW and VW drivetrains with custom chassis and bodywork. 

Meyers Manx

United States

The original VW-based dune buggy that started it all, Meyers Manx is still producing its original buggy design as well as modern versions sold as kits only for the DIY builder. 


Mills Extreme Vehicles

United Kingdom

MEV has been building unique sports cars for decades, their latest offering the Exocet G=Type is an exoskeleton sports car using Mazda MX5 as the donor.

N2A Motors

United States

N2A by Langmesser offers rebodies of Chevrolet Corvettes in a number of styles. Inspired by classic Chevrolet models, Italian sports cars, N2A cars are a style all their own.

Nostalgia Cars

United Kingdom

 The small family-owned business has been building Jaguar XK120 and XK140 replicas, Jaguar C Type replicas, and Ogle Mini replicas since 1998. They also offer to complete restoration services on classic cars.

Noble Automotive Limited

United Kingdom

There are three variants of the Noble M600. The M600 Coupe, the M600 CarbonSport, and the M600 Speedster. The Coupe is the original car as launched, and although all three cars are carbon the Coupe has a painted body. Running gear and performance are shared by all three models.

OZE Rods Shop

Oze Rods Shop

United States

Make of fiberglass hotrods based on 1937 and 1940 Ford models Oze Rods Shop currently offers a Roaster, Cabriolet, 5 Window Coupe, 3 Window Coupe, Sedan, and Truck. The company offers body and chassis packages as well as turnkey hot rods. 

Pagano Sports Cars


The shape of the Pagano originates from the Scaglietti-bodied Ferrari 500 Mondial from 1955. With a passion for these magic body lines, they have recreated the true feeling of a 1950s racing car. Tube chassis with Alfa Romeo donor car components. 

Race Car Replicas

United States

Race Car Replicas (RCR) and its sister company Superlite Cars is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of premium-quality component cars. RCR is primarily focused on building replicas of iconic vintage race cars, mostly from the 60s. Superlite generally produces original designs like the SL-C, Nemesis, Moab, and Aero. If you visit the factory, you’ll see both vintage cars like the RCR40 and the RCR917 being produced alongside the SL-C and Aero. 

Replicar Hellas 


Manufacture of turnkey and kit Porsche 356 and 550 replicas. 

United States

Formally Tom McBurnie's Thunder Ranch, Rock West Racing keeps the legacy alive with their line of replica cars that include 718 RSK, Porsche 356A Speedster, 550 Spyder, and 550A Spyder, and original-design Riot. Porsche 356A Speedster. The company is currently on hold.

United Kingdom

Manufacturers the Ronart W152 S6 & V12 a recreation of the 1950s style front-engine Formula 1 race cars. It is sold as a kit car, as a rolling chassis, or as a turnkey car. 

United States

Replica of Scarab roadster with an aluminum body offered as a rolling chassis. 

United States

One of the oldest replica car manufacturers with over 45 years of experience. Shell Valley offers Shelby Cobra and Daytona Coupe replicas, Cheetah, 29 Ford, Jaguar C-Type, and even Jeep Bodies. 

United States

Smyth offers unique conversion kits to turn your Modern VW Beetle, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Charger, VW Golf, Subaru Impreza, or Audi A4 into a pickup truck.

Tornado Sportscars GT40 Replica

United Kingdom

Tornado Sports Cars were formed in 1984 and production of our GT40 replica, the TSC GT40, began in 1989 the company has continually produced GT40 replicas since that time making Tornado by far the longest-established GT40 replica manufacturer in the world.

United Kingdom

Makers of street-legal race cars you build yourself in your own garage. The RS, Evolution Coupe, and Evolution Convertible. Powered by GM Sourced V8 the Ultima has endless performance bolt-ons and is easy to maintain. 

United States

Specializing in a long-wheelbase version of the Shelby Cobra designed to accommodate taller drivers, the UCC GT-427 Roadster still looks the part without having to give up comfort.

United States

Unique Motorcars offers replicas of both the 289 Model and the 427 Model of the Shelby Cobra and offer a complete kit, less engine, transmission, and battery. 

United States 

Vintage Motorcars offer high-quality Spyder replicas and 356 Coupes as well as parts and service for other replicas of Porsche.

United Kingdom

Westfield has sold over 13000 of their Lotus-derived cars worldwide since 1983 and currently produces over 400 cars a year for driving enthusiasts the world over. Offering kits and turnkey factory-built cars. 


United States

Datsun Z restoration specialty shop ZTrix also offers two unique Ferrari-inspired body conversions for the Datsun Z. The Nassry Daytona ZX and Velo Rossa Spyder rebody kits give the little Japanese sports car a more Italian style, and both styles offer a coupe or convertible. 

4X4 Bodies

United States

4X4 Bodies is the maker of the Urban Gorilla, a Hummer-inspired body that mounts on a standard pickup truck frame.