Founded by Michael Satterfield as a passion project in 2002, The Gentleman Racer® is now one of the leading men’s online magazines dedicated to transportation, travel, and style. With a fresh take on the automotive lifestyle by men who are living it, The Gentleman Racer has grown from a simple blog where Michael would share his automotive adventures into a successful, award-winning platform.

Covering, autos, motorcycles, destinations, fashion, tech, culture, and motorsports, The Gentleman Racer keeps readers engaged with an exciting mix of content, including product reviews, travel adventures, buyers' guides, interviews, how-tos, and other high-octane content. This content is connecting with an audience that is 88% male, the majority between 25-34, living in North America. 

Working with international brands including Sony, BRM, Don Julio, Tsovet, Acura, Bosch, Harley-Davidson, Parrot, eBay Motors, and Piloti, The Gentleman Racer is a proven platform for communicating with men who demand style, quality, and heritage. 


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  1. RE: Local Waco Charity
    Look into the local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV)