The Watches of Suits

The Watches of Suits

by Michael Satterfield - Lead Image Via Netflix - 02/08/2024

Netflix has introduced a new audience to the USA Network original show Suits, which debuted in 2011, the legal drama about Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams a street-smart college dropout with a superhuman memory that allows him to fake being a lawyer at a top New York City law firm. The show is full of the kinds of characters you might expect to find at a big city law firm, Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Specter, a cocky playboy who models himself after Steve McQueen and James Bond. Gina Torres plays Managing Partner Jessica Pearson, who might be one of the most elegant and intimidating female leads ever on a TV series. But as my wife and I settled in to rewatch the show with the rest of America, I started noticing the watches, so here is the complete list of watches worn by your favorite characters on Suits. 

Mike Ross:

Timex Atlantis 100
In Season 1 of Suits, Mike Ross wears a Timex Atlantis 100, with the watch on the inside of his wrist. The watch is the perfect choice for Mike who we met as a bike messenger in NYC. When asked during a Reddit AMA, Patrick J Adams explained why Mike wore his watch in reverse. Image Via.

"I made that choice early on and it just stuck. When we started the show I made little choices that I built a back story for and liked the idea of putting things in there that maybe the writers could explain at some point if they wanted to. Sometimes they pick up on it and becomes part of the character and talked about on the show and then sometimes its just a thing you do that is just something that helps you get ready to shoot a scene. like the watch facing towards the body."

A Timex Atlantis 100 like Mike's can be purchased today for under $100 on eBay.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Small Second Automatic Mike Ross Suits Watch

In Season 4, Mike has worked his way up in the firm and is wearing a Hamilton Jazzmaster Small Second Automatic on a stainless steel bracelet. This watch he wears traditionally and it looks like this watch is his main timepiece for the rest of the show until he decides to quit the firm and work at the legal clinic, where we see Mike putting on his Timex again and getting his bike out of the closet. 

The Hamilton Jazzmaster is still in production and will set you back $1,075 direct from Hamilton.

Harvey Specter: 

Patek Philippe Reference 5004P-021 Harvey Specter Watch

The first time we can make out what watch Harvey is wearing is in Season 1, Episode 3, where he can be seen wearing a Patek Philippe Reference 5004P-021, which is currently trading for between $350,000-$400,000 on Chrono 24. While you would expect a guy like Harvey to have a collection of watches, this is the only one that is given any real screen time during the show and because of budgets, it was likely a replica. 

Jessica Pearson: 

Cartier Tank Solo Jessica Pearson Suits Watch

Jessica might be the head of one of the most important law firms in NYC, but she also understands that clothing and accessories send a message. Jessica doesn't wear a lot of jewelry on the show, in fact, you seldom see her with a necklace or bracelets, but what we do see is her wearing one of the classiest watches ever made a Cartier Tank Solo Large in 18K Gold on a black Alligator strap. While the Tank might be timeless, it is far less flashy than  Harvey's six-figure Patek, a new 18K yellow Gold Tank will set you back $11,500 direct from Cartier

Louis Litt:

Louis Litt Suits Watch Omega Speedmaster Rattrapante Chronometer

In Season 2, we see Louis wearing a fairly rare, Omega Speedmaster Rattrapante Chronometer Reference 3540.50 on an alagator leather strap. This watch was introduced in 1999 and sold through the early 2000s, it wasn't the most popular watch made by Omega and today you can find nice examples on a stainless steel bracelet for between $2,750-$4,500 on Chrono 24

Festina Chrono Sport Reference F16488/3

Later in the series, we see Luis wearing a large chronograph on a stainless steel bracelet, while at first, I like many thought it was a Citizen or perhaps a Bulova, it appears to be a Festina Chrono Sport Reference F16488/3 which is still available from the manufacturer for just under $200. I can only guess that they chose this watch because of its massive 44.5mm case and the flashy-looking bracelet looked good on camera. You can pick up your own at

Rachel Zane:

Rachel Zane Meghan Markle Cartier Tank Française

Rachel doesn't wear a lot of jewelry at the office, but in season 3 of Suits she does start to wear a watch, a Cartier Tank Française in what looks like Steel and Gold. The watch worn on screen was purchased by the actress (Meghan Markle) as a gift to herself for the show being renewed for another season. She had the back of the watch engraved to read "To M.M. From M.M." Megan told Glamour Magazine she plans to pass the watch down to her daughter. While Cartier does make a new version of the Française, one like Megan's will set you back between $4,000 to $4,500 today according to Jewels In Time