Driving a TrophyLite Truck for the First Time

If you love motorsports like I do, I am sure you have seen Baja racing or Stadium Truck racing at some point. I have always loved offroading, but have never considered trying offroad racing. So when Turtle Wax contacted me with the opportunity to drive a Trophy Truck at the Vegas Off Road Experience (VORE) of course said yes. (That's me driving the red truck)

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived in the middle of the desert about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. Pulling up to the VORE Adrenaline Compound there are all kinds of offroad and military vehicles around, there is also a large sign advertising that you can blow up a taxi cab at the Pro Gun Club next door. After a short instructional and safety video, we were informed that if we crash the trucks we are liable for up to $3,000 in damage. On that note, our group made our way up to the course.

The Ford-powered TrophyLite trucks have a manual shift automatic transmission and left foot breaking, it's kinda like driving a really big, much faster go-kart that you can take over 40-foot jumps. After a few laps of getting used to the truck, I was off and quickly got the hang of it lapping some of the other racers and having a blast. VORE offers this program to the general public and has several other adventures including open desert Baja style racing adventures.

The first session I was in the driver's seat, but the second round I would be trusting my life to Gorden Lister from Clean Car Culture. While I would say he wasn't as aggressive as me, he really started to get the hang of it as we made our laps. The only thing scarier than driving a Trophy truck is being a passenger in one. Overall it was a blast and the team from Turtle Wax was amazing, they even had some demos of their new products for us to check out. At the end of the day, no one in our group crashed and the even let me get my drone up in the air, check out my video from the day below.