5 Common Motorbike Helmet Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Motorbike Helmet Mistakes To Avoid

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Antoni Shkraba -12/14/2023

Motorcycle helmets are an essential piece of kit that can potentially save your life in an accident. The biggest mistake you can make is not wearing one. But there are other blunders that you can make with a motorcycle helmet. This article delves into 5 common mistakes.

Choosing the wrong size

A motorcycle helmet shouldn’t be so loose that it wobbles when you move your head. Neither should it be so tight it feels like it’s squeezing your skull. It’s important to find the exact right size so that your helmet provides both the safety and comfort that it is supposed to provide.

By measuring your head using a tape measure, you can work out what size helmet you need. This motorcycle helmet size chart provides a rough guide to the different sizes and their measurements. Be wary that some helmet manufacturers have differently labeled sizes, making it sometimes better to look at the measurements themselves.

Because heads can also be different shapes, it’s sometimes not a good idea to buy a motorcycle helmet without trying it on first. This can give you a true idea of how tight or loose a helmet is, and whether you need to look into different shapes as well as sizes. 

Buying a cheap used helmet

Older used motorcycle helmets can be cheaper to buy, but often don’t provide great safety. This is not just because manufacturer safety standards have changed over time, but also because wear and tear can affect the protective capability of a helmet. You should be particularly wary of helmets with scratches with helmets or dents on the outside - once motorcycle helmets have been damaged in an accident, it is far safer to replace them as they won’t be as durable against future accidents.

A brand-new helmet can be more expensive but guarantees safety. You can compare prices of new motorcycle helmets online. Some of the better-known brands will charge higher prices but don’t always offer the best quality helmets - all new helmets have to pass basic safety standards checks, so don’t be afraid of buying a helmet from a lesser-known brand. Aim to get a new helmet every five years to stay protected.  

Using the wrong cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your motorcycle helmet, avoid using regular household cleaning chemicals. Many of these are likely to be too corrosive and can cause damage to your helmet. One common example of such a mistake is using window cleaner on the visor - this can strip away the visor’s protective coating, so you don’t want to ever use this product

It’s much better to use specialist motorcycle helmet cleaning solutions when cleaning your helmet. These won’t cause any damage unless your helmet is made of a specialist material (which may require an even more specialist cleaning solution). You can buy motorcycle helmet cleaning products online. 

Not strapping up helmet properly

A lot of riders who are in a hurry don’t fasten the chinstrap up on their helmet properly. However, this can be a deadly mistake - the strap is what secures the helmet in place, and is essential for keeping your helmet from coming off your head in a crash. Therefore, it always needs to be fastened up properly.

Just how tight should your chin strap be? Well, you should be able to just about squeeze two fingers between the strap and your chin. If you can’t do this, it’s too tight. If there’s a gap between the strap and your chin, it’s too loose. Avoid using a helmet if the strap is damaged. 

Storing your helmet incorrectly

Correct storage of your helmet is important for preventing theft and damage. Your helmet should always be left on a flat surface. Don’t hang up your helmet on a hook or your handlebars as this may damage the inside of it. Motorcycle helmet racks consist of a large ball on a hook and are a safer option if you want to hang up your helmet.

Quite often it’s worth keeping your helmet in sight close by. This could include keeping it on an office desk while you work or on a table while you have coffee. This can prevent someone from stealing it. Make sure that it’s not too close to the edge of a table where it could fall and get damaged. Putting your motorbike helmet in a safe is another option to keep it secure, but you need to be sure that there is enough space in the safe.