The Wooden-Bodied Ryan Trävit

by Michael Satterfield

Ken Ryan is not your typical car guy, having spent a number of years abroad in Europe and around the world he has owned more interesting and rare cars then most of us could dream of. Having been a woodworker, building musical instruments and furniture, Ken was always inspired by the classic wood-bodied Hispano-Suiza from the 1920's. So he decided to build his very own wooden car. Few can say they drive a coach built, hand-made car, but even less can say the built it themselves.

The car name is the Trävit, which is Swedish for unpainted wood, is unique. The Trävit is based on a 1985 Pontiac Fiero, powered by a 4.6 liter Northstar V8. The body was handmade in Atlantic White Cedar over a Baltic Birch Frame with an oil finish. The front nose is an epoxy over a wooden framework. The interior is trimmed in Birch and Leather. "By choice, I didn't use a computer for design or layout - I wanted to experience the 'chalk lines on the garage floor' school of construction," said Ken. The car is 100% roadworthy and gets lots of looks when Ken Takes it out on the open road.

Ken is currently working on an all wood chassis and body concept that is inspired by the classic Lotus 7, which he hopes to have completed soon.