Car Girl: Crystal Reyes

Car Girl: Crystal Reyes Modeling Yellow Dress with Subaru Sports Car

by Michael Satterfield - Updated 03/16/2024

I sit down with Crystal Reyes, better known as JDM Chrystal to see what inspires her to be a part of the car community. Check out the full interview below. 

Name: Crystal Reyes
Car: Subaru BRZ
Instagram: @jdmcrystal
YouTube: JDMCrystal
Location: California

Car Girl: Crystal Reyes Subaru BRZ

TGR: What was your first car?

CR: My first car was a 2005 Toyota Matrix that I bought when I was in high school. Nothing fancy. It was just a car to get me from point A to point B haha.

Car Girl: Crystal Reyes with Subaru BRZ

TGR: Have you always been interested in cars? 

CR: The truth is, I wasn’t always into cars. The one who introduced me to the car scene was my boyfriend. He drives a Subaru STI and would always take me to his little car meets. After a while of going to these meets, his friends became my friends and I started developing an interest for cars. The first time I laid eyes on a Subaru BRZ, I knew that was the car I wanted. One of my friends had directed me to the 86two6 car meets, Which at the time was purely BRZ’s, FRS’s, and 86’s. That is where I really started networking and learning more about this car that I had such an interest for. For about two years I would attend these meets with my boyfriend, taking pictures of these cars, making friends, and just learning lots.

Car Girl: Crystal Reyes

TGR: How have you made your BRZ your own?

CR: My first modification was a Greddy SP Axel back exhaust which also required me to install a mid-pipe because the mid-pipe that came with the 2017 BRZ didn’t fit the exhaust. I’ve also installed a shifter bushing, lowering springs, end links, spoiler risers, rear sway bars, and lower control arms. My next project will be to fix up my EJ8 Civic. It’s an older car so I’m excited to see what I can do to spice it up a bit.
Car Girl: Crystal Reyes Driving Subaru

TGR: Do you work on your car yourself?

CR: I do all my own work on my car. Of course, I’m still learning, so my boyfriend helps guide me through a lot of what I am doing, but I don’t let him touch anything haha. I’m very prideful and want to be able to say that all the work that has been done, was done by me. We started a YouTube channel together called QueenBRZ, and here I do car installation tutorials. It started off as just a fun little hobby, but to our surprise, it has grown a lot within the last few months we’ve been doing it.

Car Girl: Crystal Reyes posing in retro Tee shirt and shorts with Subaru

TGR: You have done a lot of suspension work, is it for the canyons?

CG: I get a lot of questions regarding my suspension modifications and whether or not I like them. In all honesty, my car drove great when it was stock, but I have noticed a big difference in my turns when I am driving in the canyons. I feel like I have a lot more control and I take my corners a lot more smoothly which is exactly what you want when you are driving there.
Car Girl: Crystal Reyes in yellow dress

TGR: Where can people follow you online?

CG: I am most active on my Instagram page which is @queeenbrz . This is where I do a lot of my promoting for my YouTube channel QueenBrz and updates on my day to day life and car adventures. I currently have 12 videos on my channel, and my subscribers can expect many more to come in the future! I will continue to make more install videos, and document my adventures in my car! 

Car Girl: Crystal Reyes driving on Glendora Mountain Road