2011 Focus: Bringing Sexy Back

When the focus first came to the US in 2000, it was ground breaking, up until that point no other compact car (other than the VW's) was the same both in the US and Europe. It was incredible up to that point Ford's small cars were as boring to drive as they were to look at. But the Focus changed all that with its edgy styling, dynamic handling, and peppy Zetec engine. Sadly we have had to watch the Focus die a slow, painful death here in the states, while Europe has received new dynamic models including the amazing Coupe Cabrio Focus convertible. The last generation of Focus has only been spared by offering SYNC after they reskinned the 10 year old platform in the style of a 1986 Escort and dropped the popular hatchback body style . I loved my 2000 Focus it was a blast to drive, and my 2007 Focus ST with the factory body kit was the last good looking Focus to be released in the USA. The European Focus was always a little better looking, had more options, and tire scorching RS version.

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