Order your new Mustang for just under $5K

The original Mustang motorcycle was introduced in 1947 by a small company in Glendale, California, more of a Scooter than a Motorcycle with its 122cc two-stroke Villiers engine. Despite their size and limited performance over 20,000 were sold. The California Scooter Company has just released their new version of the Mustang. With a modern 149cc four-stroke engine, that is not only cleaner but should help people keep up with modern traffic. The bike still retaining the original dinner plate-size wheels and scooter sized frame, but now has a electric starter and disc brakes. Three production models will be offered, the Classic, the Babydoll, and the Greaser scheduled for availability in March 2010 for a starting price of $4,995 for all three models.

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[Source: California Scooter Company]