Lost Dragstrip: Fontana Drag City

by Michael Satterfield - 07/14/2010

Not far from my studio in Rancho Cucamonga the last few remains of what was once known as Fontana Drag City remains among the suburban housing tracks. I decided to take a trip out to the site and snap some photos of what few signs remain of Mickey Thompson's old track.

Officially it was known as Mickey Thompson's Fontana International Dragway, from 1955-1972 it was a major stop on the NHRA circuit. The only thing left from the legendary drag strip is the shutdown area at the very end just before the turnoff for the return road. There are also chunks of concrete from some of the walls and other buildings are strewn about. The strip closed after several serious accidents and deaths, the NHRA deemed the track too short and narrow for safe racing.

If you visit Google Maps (HERE) and look at earth view you can still see the faint outline of the last bit of the drag strip.

Today just a small patch of the strip remains

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