Porsche giving your classic 911 navigation

Classic car motoring is all about the drive, getting behind a real wood steering wheel, hearing the exhaust, and the smell that all classics have. Every now and again we classic car drivers long for a bit of technology to go along with our classic motoring. Until now that meant sticking a GPS to the windshield and cutting a hole in the dash or filling the glove box with a modern CD player.

That is unless you drive a classic 911, Porsche has devised a smooth new head unit for the 1963-1977 Porsche 911.
It should also be a good fit for the first generation 912 and perhaps the 914. While custom fit head units are nothing new, companies like Custom Auto Sound have been building them for years. This unit also features a modern GPS system, and it is from company’s in-house OEM parts catalogue, we stumbled on the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System.

[Source: Porsche]