Map of L.A.'s Lost Racetracks

by Michael Satterfield

The Los Angeles area used to be one of most popular parts of the country for motorsports, today LA County has just Irwindale Speedway and Pomona Drag Strip. From some of the earliest board tracks in the country to early road courses through the streets of cities all over Southern California, these tracks are what made LA the center of culture.

Today there are still shadows of LA's Motorsports history, with places like Saugus Speedway, even though races ended in 1995, still popping up in films like Drive. Others are completely lost to time like Mines Field, today it is under the modern LAX airport, plus dirt tracks, road courses, and even super speedways like Ontario, the "Indy of the West."

CLICK HERE for an interactive map of the Lost Racetracks that once peppered the Greater Los Angeles area. As you click on the markers a little information about each track will pop up.