eBay Watch: One Hot Jag

The Seller has a number of great pictures, however, the main one caught our attention.

From the Sellers Description:

"Unfortunate minor engine fire spoils a wonderful car, fortunately very little damage, the engine didn't get any water in it. Sold for spares or possible rebuild."

"The body is in excellent shape as you would expect from a Southern California car, with no noticeable signs of any damage or damage repair. All the gaps and shuts are excellent and appear original as evidenced by the video, the car still retains its original emission control and manufacturer's stickers. The left side of the car has some bubbling limited to a small part of the rear wheel well, see picture, the underside of the fender lip is rock solid, as is the rear door shut and there is a quarter size bubble on the lower front left fender, see picture, both apparently caused by the car being parked too close to the sprinklers.

The chassis itself appears solid and rust free, with the normally notorious spare wheel well in excellent and solid condition. The floor pans appear in good order, with just a small amount of surface rust on the underside of the sills as you would expect on a car of this age. There is, however, one small area on the underneath of the driver's side where a small section seems to have rusted through, see the picture, but it is localized and is nothing to be concerned about."