TAG Heuer & Steve McQueen

As the year starts to wind down, there are still a few new models to come from TAG Heuer, including this pair of McQueen Monaco’s. Just as earlier this year, TAG announced Silver and Orange Monaco twins (one in the classic Monaco case and the other a Monaco 24), this time we have two Blue editions named after the man who has become the face of the TAG Heuer Monaco- Steve McQueen These watches are interesting not just because of their designs, but also because they are the first of a new range of watches that you will only be able to buy from TAG Heuer Boutiques.In addition to a reissue of the original Heuer Monaco like McQueen wore in the film LeMans (Above) Tag Heuer has released two modern takes on the McQueen Monaco. See photos below. for our money the original is still the best and will set you back around $8,500 USD.

Source: Calibre11.com


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