Carroll Shelby: The Fight over his Body

Many of you know that we have been following the passing of and tributes to Carroll Shelby closely here on but what you might not know (we didn't) is that Carroll has still yet to be laid to rest.

TMZ is reporting that the children of Carroll Shelby and his estranged wife Cleo have been fighting over who gets his body. Currently the legendary driver, designer, and marketing genus is laying in a freezer in the medical examiner's office in Dallas.

Here is what TMZ is reporting; Carroll and Cleo were legally married when he died in Dallas May 10. However, he filed for divorce in 2010.  Cleo claim is since she was still married to Carroll, she has the right to control Shelby's body.

But Shelby's kids have a document they say is signed by their dad giving his oldest son the right to his remains. But Cleo claims the signature on the document is forged, adding he didn't have the "physical capacity or eyesight" necessary to read or sign the doc.

On top of all that while his divorce petition was pending, Shelby filed a petition just last April seeking to have the marriage annulled.  In the annulment docs, Shelby accused Cleo of lying to him for the 14 years they were married -- lying about her real name, her assets and pretty much her entire past. The judge is actually allowed to grant the annulment even though Shelby is dead.  If that happens, the kids win.

Source: TMZ