Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Disney spent beaucoup bucks reinventing California Adventure the theme park, and the result is a walk down Route 66.
Walking the the front gate you are greeted by this classic Gas Station this draws a lot of inspiration from the old Atlantic Richfield stations that used to be part of the motoring experience. The 1937 Packard is a really nice touch as well.   

Main Street USA Chicago to LA in about a 10 min walk. They have the entire town of Radiator Springs from the movie cars recreated with amazing detail. From Sarge's Quonset Hut to Luigi's Tire Shop it is all here.

The Cone Crazy Motel is based on the number of Wigwam Motels that were open all over the US, two are still open on Route 66 one in San Bernadino, California and the other in Holbrook, Arizona we have photographed both for this site on our many trips down Route 66. There is a third surviving Wigwam Motel in Cave City Kentucky. 

 The entire town is full of iconic gasoline style, but all of it is of course fake, "DINO CO." Gas instead of Sinclair, etc...But it is pretty cool.

 Flo's V8 Cafe is scaled like it is a drive in for talking cars, but tables are placed by the pumps and you can enjoy a snack under the canopy supported by massive pistons.

Disney even went so far as to build the entire desert and rocks shaped like car fenders. The area reminds me of lots of places along Route 66, but mostly it reminded me of Sedona, AZ.

This building is home to "Ramones House of Body Art" but any of our fellow Route 66 travelers will see a striking resemblance to the CoNoCo Station in Shamrock, Texas home to the U-Drop-Inn.

Overall Cars Land is an amazing representation of some classic Americana, but for the cost of a Disneyland Park-Hopper Pass you might be able to drive around and see the real deal. If you are in So Cal it is worth the trip to see, the rides were not really all that interesting to me, but the buildings and interpretation of this classic architecture sure was.