CSC Introduces 250cc P-51 Motorcycle

CSC Motorcycles announced the introduction of its new P-51 250cc motorcycle, which joins its existing line of 150cc small motorcycles.  

CSC’s new P-51 has a 250cc, counterbalanced, single overhead cam, carbureted engine that provides significantly more power and a smoother ride than the company’s existing line of 150cc motorcycles.

“We’re quite pleased that we can now offer our customers a high performance version of the CSC motorcycle,”
said Steve Seidner, CSC’s President and CEO.  “Our customers asked for a larger engine and this bike directly answers that need.   Our P-51 is a high performance motorcycle and the riding experience is like no other.  We’re very pleased with this new engine.   California Scooter Company created a new market niche with our resurrection of the Mustang motorcycle style, and the P-51 is in keeping with the best traditions of Walt Fulton and the original Mustang’s racing heritage at Rosamond Dry Lake, the Catalina Grand Prix, and other historic racing venues.”

CSC Motorcycles take their styling cues from the iconic Mustang motorcycles manufactured from 1947 to 1963 in Glendale, California (just a few miles from today’s modern CSC production facility).   Walt Fulton was a Mustang factory rider who set speed records and won many races during the original Mustang’s era.  All California Scooter Company motorcycles are designed and built in the US at the company’s La Verne, California manufacturing facility.

To celebrate and publicize its introduction of the new P-51 motorcycle, CSC built a World-War-II-themed custom P-51 Classic with numerous custom features (the photograph accompanying  this press release shows the custom P-51 along with a regular production 250cc P-51 Classic in Ruby Red).   Seidner explained that CSC Motorcycles offers the bikes in the same colors and styles as their current line of Classic, Babydoll, Greaser, and Military Series motorcycles.   “We have an extensive line of custom accessories including custom paint themes,” Seidner said.  “This particular motorcycle is my bike, and it’s one I plan on riding a lot.”

The P-51 is available now as a regular production motorcycle.   CSC offers the P-51 in all of the company’s current configurations and colors, including the Classic (available in six colors), the Greaser (available in flat black with red wheels and gangster whitewall tires), the Babydoll (available in pink and white), and the Military Series (available in OD green and desert camouflage).   The CSC 250cc P-51 Classic has an MSRP of $4295.

More details on the new CSC P-51 250cc motorcycle are available on the company’s blog at or by calling the company at 800 884 4173.
Source: California Scooter Co.