Shelby Factory at 1042 Princeton Drive

by Michael Satterfield

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special event at the original Shelby Factory in Venice, California. The same factory that Steve McQueen and Carroll Shelby were photographed in front of with the Black 289 Cobra. This was the first California home of Shelby American, and the factory that prepped race cars, built street cars, and created legends. Today it is being redeveloped into what looks like a live/workspace, the open fields that once surrounded it are now covered by towering apartment buildings. Curious neighbors came by to see what the crowd was about many not knowing that the building was once home to Shelby American.

Members of the Los Angeles Shelby Club Gather to Tour the building, thanks to the generosity of the current owner who opened the space for the club.

Inside the once busy production area and race shop

Standing in the back lot where Shelby took many photos with a LA Shelby Club member's 66 Shelby GT350 R Model (photo by Bo Bushnell)

A 1965 Shelby GT350 finds it way home

Legendary men and cars went through this door, we were lucky enough to have former Shelby Driver Allen Grant on hand as well as several former employees to give us an idea of what the building was like in the 60's.

Carroll Shelby in the back lot behind the Venice Factory 
Two Legends Carroll Shelby and Steve McQueen in front of the Venice shop, Steve is about to barrow the 289 Cobra.

Original Photos by Dave Friedman via Shelby American