Mutant Mustang

by Michael Satterfield

I was browsing around on Hemmings you can view everything from hand a hand made Bentley or a fully restored Corvette from a well known restoration shop. But every now and again you run across something like this 1972 Ford Mustang. Now the 71-73 cars were never the coolest, but a Boss 351 or a Mach 1 still gets lots of respect from me, in fact I have had a few of them over the years. But this "custom" Mustang takes the cake for strange, not only does it appear have Nissan Tail Lamps, (if you know what they are post it in the comments), the owner also painted an American Flag theme on the gas tank under the car and on the rear end pumpkin. 

But if you are wanting this sweet car, be sure to head over to Hemmings by CLICKING HERE to pick up this amazing car for the low sum of just $13,400. 

Source: Hemmings