Is Buell Back?

Erik Buell Racing (Not the same company as Harley/Buell that closed in 2009) has secured financing from GE Capital to build a motorcycle dealership network, and begin expanding its offering of American Sports Motorcycles.

Former Harley-Davidson employee Erik Buell, said the inventory financing from GE will allow dealers to stock, market and sell a wide variety of motorcycles and related products under the Erik Buell Racing brand (EBR).

The companies first production bike is the EBR 1190RS a superbike that sells for around $40,000. The team at EBR is looking to also offer lower cost, higher volume models to its newly established network of dealers, about 30 dealers so far have signed up. Many are former Buell dealers, while others carry European brands such as Ducati and BMW.

The Buell story is a great one and I hope that the new EBR will do some amazing things, the original company was founded in a barn in Mukwonago,Wisconsin and in the last 30 years they have achieved some amazing success as an American Motorcycle company in a Japanese and European dominated sport.

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