Shelby prototype to be auctioned

A rare 1969 Shelby Prototype is one of three produced and owned by the Ford Motor Car Company will be offered up for auction at the D.E. Foeller auction in Denver July 20th. The car was a development mule for an experimental fuel injection system as well as the introduction of the Cleveland 351 CI V-8, the production Shelby GT350's all had Windsor engines. The car is also fitted with a Cougar dash that was being considered to make the Shelby more distinct next to standard Mustangs.

All three prototypes were to be destroyed and not offered to the public and according to the records two were destroyed, but this car was saved from the crusher by Mr. Fred Goodell (Chief Engineer of Shelby-American's) for personal use.

This Shelby has been on display at the "All Ford Nationals" and was featured in the Ford Magazine. Mr. Willard and his Shelby were at the Shelby convention at the California Super Speedway in 2005, where Mr. Carroll Shelby acknowledged the car's history and signed the award the car received. This car is number 2329 in the Shelby Registry.

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Source: D.E. Foeller Sales