Shop Visit: Morgan’s & Phillip’s Speed Shop™

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About an hour from Los Angeles (without traffic) tucked away in what was once one of the last agricultural preserves in Southern California is the home of apparel brand Morgan's & Phillip's Speed Shop™. Hidden in a barn that was built in a 1903 on a small corner of what was once the family farm and where founder Mike Satterfield grew up. The barn has been used for a number of purposes, including as a shop where Mike and his buddies built their first cars for the local street races in the late 90’s.

Vintage inspiration and new samples hanging on the sample rack
Mike went on to work in the automotive aftermarket and in 2007 the concept of developing a line of speed inspired apparel was born. Morgan’s & Phillip’s Speed Shop™ began producing shirts and as the business grew Mike decided that he needed a dedicated studio space, the barn was just being used for storage so remodel was done and the studio was set up. The desks and racks of garments now sit where Mike once pulled apart his 67 Ford Galaxie and you can still see oil stains on the floor. This is why their hang tag reads "Born in a barn" along the bottom edge.

New styles up on the wall
It is a simple space stuffed full of cool items Mike and the family have collected over the years, an old gas pump in the corner once stood outside the barn to refuel the farms tractors and trucks. Vintage signs, flags, and licenses plates adorn the walls. The large industrial looking shelves came from a machine shop that built planes during WWII, and the over-sized windows that can be hidden behind the original sliding barn door came out of Mike’s grandfather’s house. At the top of the barn a stained glass window from a old church fills the space that hay once would have been tossed out of.

Triumph Shirts by Morgan’s & Phillip’s Speed Shop™ for Doug Douglas Triumph and Shelby Charity Tees.

Mike filled the space with things that will inspire the apparel he designs, a pair of overalls like Carroll Shelby wore, a large Gulf Oil sign, a massive old Yamaha sign that came from a local dealer, and racks of original garments from the 1940's-60's. While known mostly for their tee shirts the company produces a number of limited edition items that are quickly snapped up by brand loyalists, from USA made jeans that used recycled automotive seat leather to create the labels, to one off hand bags and limited edition hats. The team is currently working on expanding to offer more items as part of their new collection, including jackets, driving gloves, and hats.
Yamaha sign from a local dealer

Working with iconic brands like Shelby, Gulf Oil, Driving with the Devil and many others it’s easy to see why M&P™ products are loved by automotive enthusiasts and trendy boutiques alike, because it’s not just branding, it’s the lifestyle that team at Morgan’s & Phillip’s™ lives. You can find them spending all weekend at the track, or building cars for the world famous SEMA show or for the races...speed is in the DNA of everyone at M&P™.

The last of a limited  run of M&P™ jeans shipping out to a client

vintage style coveralls by M&P™

One of the most popular official Shelby tees produced by Morgan’s & Phillip’s Speed Shop™

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