Tanom Motors Ramping Up Invader Production

Vehicle assembly of production model Invaders has begun at the Tanom Motors manufacturing facility in Culpepper, Virginia. This state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot facility is currently producing three models of the Invader high performance reverse trike - TR-3 roadster, TC-3 coupe and the Model “R”.  
“It’s great to see Invaders finally rolling off the line,” said Sandy Hall, Tanom Motors President and CEO. “It’s been almost four years in development, but we wanted to get it right. We’re thrilled with the vehicle design which includes unparalleled performance; edgy styling with a roomy passenger compartment and adjustable seating; and a fully integrated mechanical reverse gear.”

Tanom Motor’s new facility includes a 12,000 square foot assembly line area with five major vehicle assembly areas as well as several sub-assembly areas. The 7,000 square foot body panel finishing area includes a state-of-the-art paint booth, powder-coating oven, and carbon fiber hydro dipping area. Body panels are injection molded in a 15,000 square foot area containing 31 separate molds. The 10,000 square foot parts inventory area is currently stocked with initial inventory for the production of over 150 Invaders.

“We are continuing to fine tune our production process,” added Hall. “We expect our production numbers to be in the hundreds for 2014 and we will significantly increase those numbers in 2015.”

For more information please visit us at the 2013 SEMA Show in booth #37031 or visit our web site at www.tanommotors.com.

About the Company
President and CEO Sandy Hall is a successful business owner and entrepreneur with a love of motorsports. Hall founded Tanom Motors based on his passion, and a desire to use his business expertise and entrepreneurial savvy to create a unique and exciting motoring experience. The production of the Invader TC-3 and TR-3 and Model “R” will be supported with both marketing campaigns and incentives designed to create a national dealer network.

CFO, and co-owner, David Young brings a long, proven history of operational and financial management of small and large companies. With 37 years in the Defense Services business, Dave has served as CFO, CEO, President and Board Chairman for multiple private and public companies. Dave brings to Tanom Motors a wealth of experience in capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, and day-to-day operations.

Source: Tanom Motors