The Fabulous Hudson Hornet

by Michael Satterfield

Every sport has legends, and competition in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing's prestigious Winston Cup Series was the natural forum to showcase the 1952 Hudson Hornet.

Herb Thomas and Tim Flock posted 26 wins in 34 races in the 1952 racing year.

In the early days of NASCAR racing, the race car used was from the showroom floor.  The Hudson Hornet was the best thing coming out of the factory in 1952.

Key to the success for Hudson was the Mystical/Magical High-Performance 7X engine built by Hudson's Factory Racing Team that made an impressive 205 horsepower.

Top speed of the factory Hudson Hornet in 1952 at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, was 121 MPH.  Current land speed record for a 1952 Hudson unlimited class is:  138.054 MPH set by Kann, Adams, and Johnson Racing Team in 1993 at Bonneville Slat Flats, Utah.  On September 13, 1998 this Hudson clocked 120.887 on the North pass and a return of 124.479 for an average speed of 122.683.  This is considered a new speed record for a “stock class” 1952 Hudson.  Top speed clocked with this car was 132 mph.

This car is for sale here is what the owner had to say:

This car is a very smooth running automobile.  It has been driven from northern Utah to southern California, to Nevada and to Yellowstone National Park with no problems.
The body is excellent, the engine is excellent and the interior is very attractive and is very good condition (no photos of the interior yet).  The interior is not stock but does appear to be period correct.
In addition are some photos attached.  I am asking $17,500 for the 1952 Hudson Hornet sedan.  By the way, the Hudson Hornet and Hudson Wasp were actually named for Navy aircraft carriers.
 If you are interested in the car please email Mike at