TSOVET Watches

I recently ran across a local Southern California watchmaker called TSOVET, based out of Newport Beach and made using some of the best materials. Inspired by classic cars, motorsports, the aerospace industry, and the sea they really have a timeless style all their own. These three are my top picks from their site, but you couldn't go wrong with any of the watches from their collection. 

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The TSOVET JPT-TF40 is perfect for a casual look, with a classic almost Cold-War look to it.
$200 Get it HERE

The TSOVET JPT-TS44 is perfect for keeping track of  lap-times for any Gentleman Racer, since it could transition from the track to a night on the town. Classic styling and a great value for a precision handmade timepiece at just $400 get it HERE

The TSOVET SVT-DW44 is a classic divers watch, but it has a much cleaner design than a Chase-Durer. The military green dial and matte black stainless steel housing add subtle sophistication allowing it to be worn with business attire or casual wear. It's a great choice and at just $525 a stunning value. Get it HERE

Source: TSOVET
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