Letter from the new Fisker

Dear Fisker enthusiast,

We at 'The New Fisker' would like to sincerely thank you for the email you sent via the website and greatly appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to the new company. The details of your correspondence are being reviewed by members of our devoted team, who are truly passionate about responding to you individually and personally. We understand the email you submitted is important to you, and we assure you, it is also important to us. We are aware some emails were submitted over 30 days ago and greatly appreciate your patience. As you may know, 'The New Fisker' is just over 45 days old, computer systems are coming back on line, people are being hired and hired back, and we are now emerging from the remnants of the old company.

The good news is; we are very well funded and have a great plan to create a world class automotive company. However, we are bound by the rules of the Bankruptcy Court and limited in what we can do relative to the old company and any unsecured claims. Please also note; in purchasing the assets from the estate for a significant cash figure, the estate is responsible for settling all past due claims to the best of its ability.

Once again, we appreciate your patience while we have been working on a response specific to your submission, and look forward to providing you with additional detailed information. Although not every response will be favorable, each will be honest and delivered with integrity.

Thank you,

The New Fisker team.​

Source: New Fisker