5 Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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These are some products we have featured over the last few months, but I thought I would group them together into one post for the upcoming Fathers Day holiday. If your dad likes to dress cool, he'll love all of the items I have selected. One note... the tee shirts are from my own collection, but I think you'll find them to be worth of this list. 

Ebbets Field Flannels® for J.Crew Retro Baseball Caps are made in the USA and are of the highest quality, personally one of my favorite accessories and a product I paid full price for, own, and love. They are priced around $50 and can be found HERE

You don't need to have a Maserati to love these classic Driving shoes and if you buy one of the more subtle versions no one will even know they are Maserati branded shoes. I have a similar pair of driving shoes that I will wear when I head up to my favorite mountain road. The price range is from $125-$250 and are online at the Maserati Store HERE

I am a bit bias about these tees, because I am the creative director of Morgan's & Phillip's. But these made in the USA tees I created because I could not find the cool graphics, good quality, and nice fabric I wanted in a car tee. Priced starting at $40 and featuring officially licensed Shelby and Gulf oil designs. Get them HERE

Tsovet watches is a cool California brand, the watches offer premium quality, construction, and feel, but without break the bank prices. My daily watch has been a Tsovet JPT-NT42, which has proved to be a great time piece and will be accompanying me on my next trip abroad. Pricing ranges from as low as $175 and as high as $4,200 for select limited editions. Shop HERE

I regret that I have not put my hands on a Canvas Bag Machine Summit bag yet, but in prepping for my trip I simply ran out of time. So I will have to wait until my next adventure. Each bag is made by hand in the USA, if you want to get creative you can even order a custom color combination to match one of dads favorite cars. For $248 the summit is a great value and you can order it HERE