1961 AC Ace

Gentleman Car our favorite car dealer in Europe has just added this amazing AC Ace to their collection of cars for sale. Just a year before Carroll Shelby took the Ace and created the Shelby Cobra a man named Ken Rudd from "Ruddspeed" fitted the AC Ace with a 2600cc inline six from the Ford Zephyr. It used three Weber or SU carburettors and a performance "Mays" head was an option. With proper tuning the Ruddspeed Ace could produce 170 bhp, providing a top speed of 130 mph and 0–60 mph in 8.1 seconds.

This car is offered for sale by Gentleman Car and features Disc Brakes with Alfin Rear Drums, a detachable roll bar that fits nicely in the boot, and full FIA HTP papers meaning the car is legal for any FIA historic competitions.

Source: Gentleman Car