Top Five Fords of SEMA

Pure Vision's Ford Fairlane was amazing.. but then again I kind of like these cars

I have to say that this year was a big letdown for me when it comes to Ford products, the Ford booth is generally packed with some of the best well thought out cars of SEMA, but this year it just seemed a little disconnected. The Ken Block Hoonicorn was in the Ford Garage and is as radical as you would expect it to be. The 2015 Mustangs looked like they were all last minute designs or were so radical that none of the parts would make it into the real world of tuning.

The same group of designers got all the cars again and did basically the same things they did last year, and most of them are not even going to put parts into production so even if a 19 year old kid loves the way that Focus looks they are not going to go and spend $10,000 on paint and body to have one off metal fender flares made. So while Ford content was kind of bland this SEMA here are the Ford cars that did jump out at me (at least enough to want to snap a quick pic)

Ken Block's Hoonicorn

Scott Drake Booth: Barn Find 1967 GT500

Optima Booth: 1970 Mustang Pro-Touring Car

Gibson Exhaust Booth, 2015 Mustang