Street Racing Ladies Charged in San Jose Crack Down

Fresh on the heels of the arrest of two street racers in Los Angeles where two spectators were killed and a third injured, San Jose Police have begun their own "Crack Down" on illegal racing. Sunday nights along Holger Way in North San Jose has long been known for illegal street racing. On March 7th officers responded to a call of drag racing, this time on a Saturday night, and for some reason they were surprised to find the alleged racers were both women.

The female car enthusiasts were identified by San Jose Police as 23-year-old Elizabeth "Liz" Galatolo of San Mateo and 22-year-old Laura Hart of Pinole. Galatolo piloting a Corvette Z06 was arrested the following day at her home, after fleeing the scene. She is being charged with reckless driving, participating in an unlawful speed contest and evading an officer. Laura Hart stopped for police and was cited for reckless driving, participating in an unlawful speed contest and her Pontiac G8 was impounded.

Video of the race was posted on YouTube by a group called Bay Area Racing, is being used to make the case against the two drivers.

San Jose Police vowed to crack down on street racing after the death of 24-year-old Kiran Pabla of San Jose. Miss Pabla, a pedestrian who was jogging on Yerba Buena Road in East San Jose, was pinned against a tree after one of the two vehicles lost control causing both to end up on the sidewalk. The incident was described by authorities as a speed contest between two cars and witnesses stated that they felt the vehicles were racing.

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