Inside Adam Carolla's Garage

This story was originally published May, 13, 2015

Adam Carolla and his team were kind enough to invite me out to a private screening of his latest film, Winning: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman, at his LA-area garage. The film showcases Paul Newman's love of motorsport and the drive and dedication that he put into his racing career.

Best known as the Oscar Award-winning actor and philanthropist, the film chronicles Newman's discovery of motorsports and his path to becoming a championship winning driver and team owner. The film includes interviews by friends, family, and colleagues, including Robert Redford, Willy T. Ribbs, Mario Andretti, Dick Barbour, Bob Sharp,  Robert Wagner; Jay Leno, Patrick Dempsey and more.

Watching this film you not only see how important racing was to Paul Newman but the countless contributions he made to the sport, his teammates, and young drivers who he supported. If you are a fan of motorsports you will love this movie, but even if you are not car guy (or girl) you will find this film fascinating, well made, and inspirational.

The entire evening was amazing and after the screening Adam, Nate and Matt (Motorator) answered questions about the film and the process of making it. Adam started collecting Paul Newman Datsuns after he bought his first Bob Sharp Datsun on eBay several years ago, as his interest in vintage racing grew he began to buy and restore more of Paul's vintage race cars, amassing one of the best collections of Newman raced cars under one roof. After collecting and researching Paul Newman's career in motorsports decided to produce the film "I feel it is the kind of movie he would want made about himself" said Carolla. Paul Newman really wanted to be known among the racing community as a racer.... not a celebrity...and this film captures that.

The film is available for digital download and Adam and the team are hoping to have a DVD with bonus features available for the holidays.

Films like racing is a team effort so I wanted to take a second to acknowledge the incredible team that made this film happen.

Production: Mollette
Director: Adam Carolla
Co-director: Nate Adams
Screenwriters: Adam Carolla, Nate Adams
Producers: Nate Adams, Adam Carolla, Mike August
Executive producers: Norm Pattiz, Matt D'Andria
Director of photography: Marten Tedin
Editor: Simon Sandquist

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