Rally Historico Transpeninsular

I just got back from the first running of the Rally Historico Transpeninsular and while I would like to say that it went off without a hitch... it did not. I have to say the days leading up to this event were some of the longest days and nights I have ever experienced. But despite the race being virtually canceled I decided to still go to Mexico and try to make a documentary about what happened.

The starting grid consisted of just three cars, a MGA, a Porsche 914, and a Studebaker, my own El Guapo was left at home due to a last minute issue that meant we did not have a chase truck and trailer. Driving deep into Mexico with no support crew on a untested car... did not seem like a great idea. I have hours of footage to go through and while the movie is not going to be the film I planned on making... it is going to be an amazing story. I am going to write a longer more detailed story that will take you through four of the craziest days I have ever experienced.

I want to send a big shoutout to all of my sponsors: Moss Motors, Painless Wiring, Pertronix, K&N Filters, JAZ Products, and Heritage Garage. We are booking another event to take El Guapo on later this year and will be using it as a promo vehicle for the film so look for it on the road!