LA Street Racing Trial Moving Forward

According to the Los Angeles District Attorney's both Israel “Izzy” Valenzuela and Henry Gevorgyan will be back in court on August 12th for another pretrial hearing. While Gary Balyan, the alleged driver of a Ford Mustang, has his pretrial hearing scheduled for the following day.

All three face murder charges resulting from the incident on February 26th where Eric Siguenza, 26, and Wilson Thomas Wong, 50, were killed and a third man was injured when Gevorgyan's Ford Mustang spun out of control during an illegal street race in Chatsworth and crashed into spectators according to prosecutors.

Video later surfaced showing Gevorgyan was not behind the wheel of the car and the District Attorney's office has made statements that they do not believe Valenzuela or Gevorgyan were behind the wheel of the Mustang that struck the spectors.

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Screenshot via CBS 2 News