Attorneys launch

I have not written about the whole VW diesel recall issue at all, firstly it was not all that interesting to me as I am not a big Volkswagen fan. Secondly it just seems to be par for the course with large companies and governments all grappling over regulations and smog and global warming... blah blah blah.

But this made me laugh since we have to remember who will really benefit from VW's failure, trial attorneys. One enterprising law firm with quick wits and lighting fast Godaddy registration skills has launched and has created a simple form you can fill out to start your claim.

The sad part is most people won't see much in way of restitution and even if they do it will not pay for a fix or replacement of the car. It is similar but on a much larger scale as the Honda misfire class action that was settled last year.

Honda Accord, Odyssey, Pilot and Crosstour owners were complaining that their vehicles were excessively burning oil. The alleged defect forced vehicle owners to constantly monitor oil levels and pay expensive repair bills to fix resulting damage, a class action lawsuit alleged. Honda Motor Co. denied there was a problem, but agreed in November 2013 to a class action settlement to resolve the litigation. Average payouts of between $235 and $294 were mailed to claimants in July 2014.

The Lawyers made  about $1.6 million dollars.

Hat Tip to Richard Truesdell for finding this one.