H&M / David Beckham / Kevin Hart and a Jaguar D-Type

I have never been a big fan of fast fashion retailer H&M, honestly while their style is cool, the quality has always left something to be desired. But when you are buying a sweater for $19 I suppose you should not expect much.

 But in their latest short film they have David Beckham and Kevin Hart... and an amazing Jaguar D-Type blasting around New York, which is fitting since Beckham has been the face of Jaguar in markets like China.

The primus of the spot is that Kevin Hart has been cast to play David Beckham in a biography film so he has to move in with Beckham to "become Beckham" lots of one liners and awkward moments ensue. But the 5 minute mark when David goes for a walk and Kevin uncovers the Jaguar D-Type in the garage and take it on a joy ride.

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Watch the full video below.