Hunziker / BRM Bespoke Art Watches

Created in partnership with professional automotive fine artist Nicolas Hunziker, BRM has translated the art of motorsports into one-of-a-kind, wearable luxury. Exclusively bespoke, the record-setting collaboration introduces the world's first automotive fine art chronograph.

The Hunziker-BRM Art Watch collection is accessible only by commission. Every handcrafted timepiece is designed around a hand-painted dial, often considered the "canvas," and set within a dynamic BRM model, which serves as the "frame."

Giving owners the opportunity to customize the artwork featured on their original dial, the watches are fully individualized, and clients can personalize each BRM machine to their specifications, selecting their preferred metals, gemstones, and colors.

Since every timepiece is completely unique to its owner, this collection is beyond limited. Each Hunziker-BRM Art Watch is a "one-of-one," and only 20 commissioned timepieces will be made available annually.

Aquiring a Hunziker-BRM Art Watch starts with a consultation with the artist, and correspondence can be conducted via phone, email or in person. Parameters such as inspiration and artwork for the painted dial, color specifications, and accompanying timepiece design may be discussed.
Next, the artist will develop sketches based on the client's preferences. Once the owner reviews and approves the concept, the dial will be painted by hand and sent to BRM for final assembly. To learn more, visit for a step-by-step guide to the commission process and timeline.