ZUS never lose your car again

ZUS may look like a standard two port USB charger for your car, but it is actually a lot more. The team over at Nonda, makers of premium electronic accessories, sent me a ZUS to test out. What makes ZUS different from other chargers is that it not only rapidly charges your phone or other electronic device, when used in conjunction with the ZUS app tracks your car's location.

It doesn't just track your parking location, the app allows you to set a parking timer reminder, which comes in handy in Los Angeles where almost every parking spot has a meter. Just park the car and your phone alerts you that ZUS has recorded the location and asks if you would like to set a parking time reminder. The location tracking is a great feature for all ages, but I found it came in especially handy with an (unnamed) older relative who sometimes has a hard time finding her car at the mall.
 Just one tap on the app and she could navigate right back to the car without help.

I generally try to find a negative aspect of a product when I am doing a review, but honestly, I couldn't find anything about the ZUS I didn't like. It's well made, priced right, and works great.

ZUS's app is available for Apple and Android and charger sells for less than $40 on Nonda.com for more or to order your own ZUS Click Here

Screen Shot of ZUS app from my phone