Review: Mazda CX-3

I spent a week behind the wheel of the Mazda CX-3, a compact crossover that is still fun to drive. Logging over 800 miles on the little CX-3 was easy as I was exploring Route 66, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Salton Sea, read more about that HERE

The team at Mazda has a mantra 'Driving Matters' this has become the main hashtag for Mazda online, #DrivingMatters. But it rings true when driving the CX-3 the car is hyper focused on being a driver's car, it's engaging, fun to drive, and even feels sporty for a car in this segment.

 All this focus on being a drivers car does mean a few things feel like an afterthought. Firstly the cup holders are actually underneath the armrest, meaning you need some pretty slick moves to get to your drink, but if you stick to bottled water the drink holders built into the door work just fine. The only other issue I had was cargo space, with the back seats up, one large suitcase it about all you can fit in the luggage compartment.

Yes Roman's handle was broken on his bag.
Now if you are like me and mostly drive alone or with just one other person the CX-3's cargo issues won't be a major problem. But what it lacks in cargo space, it more than makes up in technology and style. This model included a heads-up display again keeping the driver focused on driving, the Navigation, Bose audio system, and Bluetooth phone applications are all excellent and truly enhance the driving experience.

On the highway the car is smooth and quiet, but switch over to sports mode and take control using the manual paddle shifters and the car comes alive revealing Mazda's sports car heritage. Having driven other cars in this segment like the Fiat 500X and MINI Countryman I have to say that Mazda CX-3 offered the most fun behind the wheel and felt the most solid out of the three.

Inside the first thing that you notice is that the fit and finish on the car is excellent, all the materials feel nice and that the buttons and knobs are laid out well and easy to use. The only issue with the interior I found was again the placement of the cup holders.

Overall I have to say that the CX-3 offers a lot of value and is a fun car to drive, see more from my time with Mazda on YouTube on The Gentleman Racer's channel HERE and on my vLog channel HERE.

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