The Small Silver Speedster

The Small Silver Speedster is set in 1957, just as Porsche begins to gain its cult status and domination in sports car racing. It's the story of a father and his young daughter as they fly to New York City to pick up their new 356 A Speedster at Max Hoffman's iconic dealership (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). While there, they enjoy a chance meeting with racing pioneer Denise McCluggage (whose path they will later cross on the track!). The pair then break in the Speedster with a cross-country drive home to California via Route 66. They prepare the Speedster for the emerging sports car racing scene of the 1950s – as iconic tracks like Riverside, Laguna Seca, and others open across the country. And together, they drive the car to its first race...

Author and illustrator Dwight Knowlton is a true gearhead, who puts hours of research into every project he produces, creating historical fiction that is authentic and timeless. With dynamic artwork that children and parents will both love. 
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