The New Hyundai N Sounds Good

Hyundai has launched it's own in-house performance brand known simply as N. I guess they thought  like M, F, S, R and other letters of the alphabet that denote performance, that adding an N would make their brand more sporty. I honestly had not been paying much attention to Hyundai's branding, but all this buzz about the new N series made me take a look.

Now of course you know if you build any kind of performance car you have go and drive around the Nürburgring. The Ring is partly where Hyundai got their new high performance letter, N for Nürburgring, but according to their website 'N' also means Namyang, which is described as "the heart of Hyundai Motor’s global R&D network and birthplace of all Hyundai cars." Ok so they didn't just pull an arbitrary letter out of a hat, but it still not getting me excited to be part of the exclusive N club.

Hyundai is promising that N cars will feature "Motorsports-inspired Technology, Balanced Performance, and Emotional Delight." Who couldn't use a little balanced, motorsport inspired, emotional delight now and again. But as much progress as Hyundai has made they have a long road to go to tug on the heartstrings of performance automotive enthusiasts, but their well engineered exhaust note may have some willing to at least listen.

Check out the video below to hear the new sound of N and CLICK HERE to visit the official Hyundai N website.