Review: Sudio Sweden Wireless Earbuds

For the last several weeks I have been using the Sudio Sweden wireless earbuds. The company sent them to me with the hopes I would like them and talk about them. Well after using them at the gym, traveling with them by car and by air, I have to give them a big thumbs up.

Retailing at about $100 (I thought they were more), they provide excellent sound quality for earbuds, are lightweight, and feature incredible battery life. In fact in the last three weeks I have only charged them once. While many other brands have come out with untethered earbuds, I like the fact that these have a tether, because as I know I would drop one on a plane or into the netherworld that is between my seat and center console and that would be it.

Check out my quick video review below for more and visit for more information or to purchase your own set.